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Whatcom Watch Distribution Sites
Note: This list was last revised March 2015. If you have a suggestion for a good drop-off site for the Whatcom Watch, please let us know. We are always looking for people to help out with distribution. If you would like to help spread the word, please contact Bill McCallum (contact information to left).

Check out the Google Maps view of our distribution sites

Bellingham - Downtown
• Boundary Bay 1107 Railroad Avenue
• Fiamma Burger 1309 Railroad Avenue
• Avenue Bread 1313 Railroad Avenue
• Bagelry 1319 Railroad Avenue
• Casa Que Pasa 1415 Railroad Avenue
• Café Adagio 1435 Railroad Avenue
• Gypsies & Ginger Snaps 111 W. Holly Street
• Film is Truth 211 W. Holly Street
• Old Town Café 316 W. Holly Street
• Pickford Film Center 1318 Bay Street
• Bellingham City Hall 210 Lottie Street
• Bellingham Public Library 210 Central Street
• Black Drop 300 W. Champion Street
• The Mount Bakery 305 W. Champion Street
• Limelight Cinema 1416 Cornwall Avenue
• Public Market 1522 Cornwall Avenue
• Community Food Co-op 1220 N. Forest Street
• Senior Activity Center 315 Halleck Street
• Lakeway Cleaning Center 1010 Lakeway Drive
Bellingham - Eastside
• VIS Seafoods 2208 James Street
• Wild Bird Chalet 108 Ohio St
• Avenue Bread 2301 James Street
Barkley Library 3111 Newmarket Street Ste 103
Bellingham - Westside
• Web Locker Restaurant 734 Coho
Bellingham - Sehome
• REI 400 Sehome Village
Bellingham - Fairhaven
• Cruise Terminal 355 Harris Avenue
• Village Books 1210 11th Street
• Fairhaven Library 1117 12th Street
• Firehouse 1314 Harris Street
• The Mount Bakery 1217 Harris Street
• Avenue Bread 1135 11th Street
• Tony’s Coffee Shop 1101 Harris Street
Whatcom County
• Blaine Public Library 610 3rd Street
• Crossroads Grocery Mt. Baker Hwy & Silver Lake Rd.
• Ferndale Public Library 2222 Main Street
• Lynden Public Library 205 4th Street
• Sumas Public Library/Senior Center 461 2nd Street
• Bay Café 7608 Birch Bay Drive
• Dodson’s IGA 3705 Mt Baker Highway
• Deming Public Library 5044 Mt. Baker Highway
• Nooksack Casino Mt. Baker Highway, Deming,
• Graham’s Store 9989 Mt Baker Highway
• Maple Fuels Mt. Baker Highway, Maple Falls,
• Maple Falls Public Library 7509 Mt. Baker Highway
• Everybody's Store 5465 Potter Rd., Van Zandt
• Green's Corner 5305 Northwest Avenue
• Northwest Indian College 2451 Kwina Road

If the location where you get the Whatcom Watch has run out, please check the Co-op Food Market, or Library in Bellingham for the current issue.

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