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The Two-Minute Scoping Comment

January 2013

Coal Side Story

The Two-Minute Scoping Comment

Significant Adverse Impact:

This is a guide only but statements of opinion are not comments. The EIS addresses only significant adverse impacts and alternatives/mitigations. An oral comment may summarize an issue you wish to address in a more detailed written comment later, according to the agency co-leads.

Introduce yourself. Briefly tell who you are and why you are concerned. Then ask that they measure the impact of

on things such as human health, the environment, an economy:

Tell why it is significant (because it impacts you, other people, places, environments):

Other Optional Issues You Can Include in Your Comment:

1. What is already known.

2. What needs to be known.

3. Why they can’t mitigate the impact you address.

4. Alternatives (including “no action”) and mitigations.

Impacts That Are Fair Game Relate to Anything That Would Not Occur “But For” Activities Related to the Proposal:

• Mining the coal;

• Rail shipments and cumulative rail traffic in communities that get all the trains going to all five proposed terminals in OR & WA, including Longview, Coos Bay, Port of Morrow on the Columbia River (total annual volume 155 metric tons, total trains 48 to 60 going and coming);

• Storage of the coal (Pacific International Terminals describes an 80-acre unlined, uncovered coal pile 60 feet high);

• Shipping the coal to Asia (Friends of the San Juans estimates that cumulative vessel passages through the Straits of Rosario and Haro could increase from 2,000 to 4,000 per annum due to GPT, Canadian tar sands oil, etc.);

• Contribution to global climate change.

Prepared by Protect Whatcom

To Submit Comments

• Mail to GPT/Custer Spur EIS, c/o CH2M Hill, 1100 112 th Ave. NE, Ste 400, Bellevue, WA 98004

• E-mail

• Post online at

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