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Poor Old Forgotten Polliwog Pond

January 2013

Twenty Years Ago

Poor Old Forgotten Polliwog Pond

by Bill Black

To celebrate 20 years of publishing Whatcom Watch, we will be publishing excerpts from 20 years ago. David Laws has been generous enough to volunteer to review the Whatcom Watch from 20 years ago to find suitable material to reprint. The below excerpts are from the January 1993 issue of Whatcom Watch.

Barkley Boulevard is an ambitious project. It is designed to be a major east-west thoroughfare running between Britton Road and Woburn through what is now unimproved wilderness in both the Lake Whatcom and Fever Creek watersheds.

Although I am not familiar with Fever Creek, I do have questions about a pond not far from Big Rock Pond. In the Fall of 1989, this one-acre pond, I like to call it Polliwog Pond, was filled in by more than three-fourths. I understand there is some question about whether asbestos was used as the fill material. In 1989 the filling was shut down … and the proposed alignment of Barkley Boulevard was shifted to the north of Polliwog, rather than right through it. […] For your curiosity, Polliwog Pond is easy to find. Just walk straight west up Barkley from Britton Road. Hang to your left up through the mud and you can’t miss it.

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