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The Whatcom Conservation District Election Is Coming

December 2014

Cover Story

The Whatcom Conservation District Election Is Coming

by Barbara Perry

Barbara Perry is a board member of the Watch.

Since we all drink water and eat plants grown in our county, this is an organization with an important watchful duty to keep people healthy. Who is on the Whatcom Conservation District Board of Commissioners could have an effect on us all.

An election to fill one seat on the district’s board of commissioners will be held this spring.”There are three elected, three-year term positions to the board and two appointed by the state. There is one elected seat on the ballot in the upcoming election for the 2014-15 term. The Washington State Conservation Commission will also appoint a new member.

Here’s what you need to know: All registered voters in Whatcom County may vote. The last day to request ballots is Feb. 9 by 4 p.m. The return due date is not yet known.

Ballots must be requested by email and mailed back or a voter may go to the district’s office to vote. That address is: 6975 Hannegan Rd., Lynden. Call (360) 354-2035 x5 for more information. You can visit their website at:

Anyone interested in running for the commission position take note: there is not a land ownership requirement, but a candidate must have management knowledge for working on a farm. Qualifications for candidates are set by the state conservation commission, which you can find at:

What Is WCD?

The WCD preamble reads: “ 1 That the lands of the state of Washington are among the basic assets of the state and that the preservation of these lands is necessary to protect and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of its people ….2 On the WCD website: “[the] mission is to assist land managers with their conservation choices.” 3


In June 2012, Whatcom Watch published two articles about the district election held that year: “Minute Portion of Eligible Voters Determine Election” and “What Is the Whatcom Conservation District” 4 Readers may find these articles on Whatcom Watch On-line.

See the above sidebar for the 2012 election results.

Why WCD Is Important

A major question for we voters is: how are the Nooksack River, creeks, lakes, ground water and our drinking water being affected by pesticides, chemicals and GMO crops used on agricultural land in this county?

Many sources, including the Environmental Protection Agency, confirm that many contaminates, including nitrates from manure, do not get filtered out by dirt that otherwise filters water. WCD Executive Director, George Boggs, said that it is true some “poisons” do not get filtered by ground water, but some do.

So our stewards need to be aware of what poisons contaminate our drinking water and the plants we eat.





4. Perry, Barbara. “Minute Portion of Eligible Voters Determine Election” and “What Is the Whatcom Conservation District” Whatcom Watch. June 2012.

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