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A Thoughtful, Articulate and Socially Engaged Veteran

March 2015

Dear Watchers

A Thoughtful, Articulate and Socially Engaged Veteran

by Bob Keller

Dear Watchers,

I appreciated Bill Distler’s “Is There a Connection Between Salmon and the War in Afghanistan” article [February 2015, page 2]. We are fortunate to have Distler in this community, an example of a veteran whose experiences have made him thoughtful, articulate and socially engaged.

The Atlantic magazine, Jan./Feb. 2015, has more on Distler’s topic: see “The Tragedy of the American Military” by James Fallows (pp. 73-90). Essential reading for every citizen, it updates President’s Eisenhower’s farewell address warning about our military-industrial complex, a warning which we have ignored for 55 years.

Bob Keller


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