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Outstanding Lummi Letter Article

April 2015

Dear Watchers

Outstanding Lummi Letter Article

by Jamie K. Donaldson

To the Editor,

I wish to commend and thank you for Terry Wechsler’s outstanding article, “Legal Precedent Undergirds Lummi Letter to the Corps,” in your February issue. It clearly laid out the legal analysis of why the issues surrounding the Gateway Pacific Terminal permitting process are treaty issues, not “simply” mitigation issues. It is also important to be reminded that treaties are the Supreme Law of the Land.

I was able to share your article with congressman Rick Larsen who did not appear to understand these crucial points when he responded to my request that he support the Lummi Nation’s request to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that it deny permit applications for the Gateway Pacific Terminal.

Enclosed please find another contribution so that you can continue to provide such important analyses of events that affect us all here in Whatcom County. I encourage other readers to also contribute to Whatcom Watch.

Thank you,

Jamie K. Donaldson


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