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Message from the Managing Editor

June 2015

Dear Watchers

Message from the Managing Editor

Dear Watchers:

One of my jobs as managing editor is to recruit new writers and, to be honest, that’s been a little difficult. Most of us who are Progressives work hard at our jobs, read up on issues when we can and generally pay attention to the stuff that makes our hair stand on end. Free time is precious, and most of us do what we can do.

And there’s a lot that riles us — oil trains, yet more coal, water and land use. These and other environmental issues have monopolized our attention for months, as you know, but there’s so many other questions to dig into. And I’d like your help.

There’s the social environment that’s equally important for our quality of life in this city and county.

Issues like local care for homeless veterans. Negligent landlords and tenant living standards. Farm workers and their health. Physical and treatment care for the mentally ill. Pesticide and herbicide use. Rural poverty. And I’m sure that you, our readers, have your own list.

So I invite you to share your knowledge and experience with these and other issues that are important to you. You’re a better writer than you think you are, and we’ll help. If you don’t want to write, that’s just fine — tell us what you know and what you want to know, and we’ll get it into words. Be the lever we need to help move these important issues into the light.

We’re also launching a new feature called Poetrywatch in response to the many people who have submitted poems to us. This is probably long overdue and we encourage you to send us your lines. Poets can speak in ways about an issue that prose can’t match, and so many issues need different voices, so let us be your loudspeaker.

And I invite you to attend our monthly Roundtable discussion on the first Monday of each month. Get to know our volunteer writers and distributors who put the Watch together and get it out for you to read each month. Share your ideas and thoughts. Ask questions. Get some answers.

We’d be thrilled to meet you.

--Bob Schober

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